The National Youth Sports Foundation currently supports orphan children in impoverished areas overseas. NYS built its first orphanage in India in 2002 which houses, educates, feeds and provides medical care for 40 children. NYS has also built an orphanage and medical facility in Cambodia to serve hundreds of children who have been orphaned and infected with AIDS. NYS has partnered with MFI, an international organization that provides food, medical and housing programs for impoverished people in 10 different countries. NYS is committed to helping children around the world and needs your support to continue caring for these children.

As NYS expanded and continued to serve the youth and families of the United States we recognized that there are other children, worldwide, who are not as fortunate and are unable to participate in organized youth sports. In fact, there are many children who don’t even have the luxury of knowing that youth sports leagues even exist. These children are orphans; so in 2002, NYS teamed up with MFI International to help build and support orphanages in seven different countries around the world including India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Haiti and Africa.