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Coaches! We have a gift for you!

When you bring your team to photo night, each coach will receive ONE FREE 5x7 photo with your child!

The Head Coach will receive a FREE wooden Coach Plaque (ONE per Team) that features the team photo and team name! Be sure to bring the whole team for the team photo in your free plaque.

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Season Special
Season Special

Season Special

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Season Special

Team Star

Your player is the star of their team!

Personalized with the player’s photo and name, the team name and their teammate’s photos! Custom to each sport. 8x10.

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Season Special


All Year Sports (AYS) Photos and Trophies works exclusively with participating NYS leagues to provide parents with the opportunity to purchase end-of-season trophies and photo keepsakes. Each trophy style and photo theme are custom to each sport and change from season to season. Trophies, medals, and some photo products can be personalized with the player's name and team name.

By allowing parents to purchase trophies themselves, it keeps NYS operating expenses down which allows those savings to be passed onto the customers. AYS also donates a portion of the proceeds from photo and trophy sales back into NYS to help fund the next season.

Coaches are rewarded for their hard work with a FREE 5x7 PHOTO with their child! The Head Coach of the team is awarded with a complimentary wood COACH PLAQUE that features the Team Photo and team name. Be sure to bring the whole gang to an NYS Photo Event to get the most out of this opportunity!


Celebrate the end of your season with player trophies and medals! Each product is sport specific and features the player's name and team name. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes. A great display item for any shelf, at an affordable price!


All Year Sports (AYS) Photos & Trophies offer teams, players and coaches with high quality seasonal products, custom-made for each sport. Personalize select products with the player's name and team name!

Our products are affordable, with many great deals under $10! Get the most bang for your buck when you choose from our variety of Photo Packages!