CO-ED. GAMES INDOOR. Game jersey included.

This program is designed to teach players the fundamentals of the game and how to work as a team. A building block program for players of all levels. Modifications are made in each age division to the ball size and goal height. Each player is guaranteed to play at least half of every game!

Beginner league available.

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Ages 4-5  Updated: 1-8-2019 Ages 6-7  Updated: 1-8-2019 Ages 8-9  Updated: 1-9-2019 Ages 10-11  Updated: 1-9-2019 Ages 12-13  Updated: 1-9-2019 Ages 14-16  Updated: 1-9-2019


Choose the rules for your age division: Ages 4-5 Ages 6-7 Ages 8-9 Ages 10-11 Ages 12-13 Ages 14-16 *Age divisions offered vary by season. Refer to the Registration Flyer, or call our office to see which age divisions are currently available in your area.

Possible Game Locations

Locations may vary based on availability and are not guaranteed.
Gilbert Junior HighGreenfield Junior HighJefferson Recreational CenterTaylor Junior High


Thursday, January 24

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Tuesday, January 29

Wednesday, January 30

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