The Opportunity

The National Youth Sports Opportunity:

Join with an established brand that is growing and emerging! Our training program will teach you all you need to know to operate your own National Youth Sports business. We have marketing programs that will help bring a stream of new participants to your leagues.

We offer a wide variety of youth sports that allows you to build a substantial business in your area. National Youth Sports franchisees organize and operate recreational youth sports leagues offering many popular youth sports such as baseball, T-ball, basketball, cheerleading, softball, volleyball, soccer and football for children ages 3 through 16. We give you more proven ways to make money!

The National Youth Sports system can be operated successfully almost anywhere in the country. Our franchise is based on a very successful model, which we will share with you.

Generate Income and Give Back to Your Community at the Same Time

By organizing youth sports leagues in your area, you will be doing something that is significant: Helping youth develop athletic and team participation skills that will help them throughout their lives. This can be personally satisfying, and financially rewarding, work.

Provide Outstanding Services that Bring Success!

  • You can be part of the leader in youth sports organization.
  • As a franchisee you will benefit from our experience and leadership.
  • You may develop multiple streams of revenue.
  • Operate from an inexpensive location, low investment, open quickly.
  • Join with us in our advertising and marketing programs.
  • Our goal: To provide the most outstanding youth sports programs!
  • We provide recreational and developmental experiences for youth.

The Francise

Looking for a Franchise that:

  • Has been in operation for many years?
  • Can be started with a modest investment?
  • Offers flexibility in how you operate the franchise?
  • Is rewarding and offers real income potential?
  • Has established buying power and sources for all your needs, saving you money?

By answering “Yes” to these questions, you may be a very good match to become a franchised National Youth Sports business owner. We invite you to take a very close look at this opportunity.

Select locations available

  • Because we are established and emerging, we have many territories available! But contact us now, choice locations are going fast!
  • Not necessary to have past sports experience.
  • Contact us for a list of locations that are available in your area.

An Outstanding Franchise Program:

  • We have a proven model that has generated high revenue levels.
  • National Youth Sports is the leader in the youth sports industry.
  • We have 20 years of experience in youth sports league organization and management.
  • Operate from just 2,000 to 3,000 sq. feet of office and warehouse (storage) space.
  • You can start your NYS business in just a few weeks.
  • We have the plans to generate registrations.
  • This franchise is available in most states, in selected territories.
  • We have a unique franchise opportunity you should consider today.

Management Team

Meet the Management Team

The National Youth Sports management team has the skills and experience to train you, to provide leadership, and to help develop new ways to generate income and build your business.

President: Daniel Pipoly

Daniel Pipoly is the owner and force behind National Youth Sports Franchising. He has developed the current franchise program since its inception in 2012 and has over 14 years experience working in youth sports. Daniel has learned many things that will help make you successful more quickly, and with more profitability.

Franchise Marketing Manager: Ryan Coulter

Ryan Coulter is the National Youth Sports operations manager and worked at NYS Franchising since 2012. He is familiar with all aspects of the NYS system and is a valuable resource for NYS franchisees. Mr. Coulter also is, and has served as Senior Vice President of National Youth Sports, LLC located in Peoria, Arizona, since 2000.

Franchise Consultant: Stephen Pipoly

Stephen Pipoly has consulted for National Youth Sports Franchising for eight years and has expert knowledge with league coordination and the implementation of youth sports programs. He has functioned as President of National Youth Sports, LLC, located in Peoria, Arizona, since 1993.

Why Purchase

Why you should purchase this franchise!

  • National Youth Sports has a proven track record!
  • One of the most important elements of your success will be your marketing program.
  • We will share with you the things that we have done to build a NYS to be one of the most successful league organizations in the areas where we operate.
  • How you manage your coaches and employees is very important. We have many years of experience in selecting, hiring, training, and motivating the right people.
  • This is very satisfying work, helping, building, teaching, and leading youth.
  • Referrals will build your leagues and revenue.
  • We have some very impressive sales figures to share with you in Item 19 of our FDD.

We know that you are looking for a franchise opportunity that can be both enjoyable and successful. The National Youth Sports franchise opportunity can provide you with something that is very satisfying, rewarding, profitable, and yes, fun! We suggest that is what you should be looking for.

The important facts:

  • The franchise is for 5 years, with another 5 year renewal option.
  • The ongoing royalty is 6% of gross sales.
  • We provide you with an designated territory.
  • You will receive a loaned copy of our confidential operations manual.


Why Franchise?

Operating a franchise gives you access to turn-key support and a proven business model that may be hard to find on your own. Being part of a name brand provides brand recognition that will draw in more customers and lead to your success. The International Franchise Association also found that 94% of franchisees consider themselves successful.

Is Franchising for Me?

Franchising is an effective personal and business strategy to help you achieve your dreams and ambitions. During your evaluation of your business opportunity, you will be asked to examine if National Youth Sports can help you achieve your short and long term goals and objectives. We enlighten and educate each candidate so they can make an informed business decision about National Youth Sports based on our mission, core values and brand strategy.

What is unique about a NYS franchise?

You have the opportunity to work directly with a successful youth sports organization that has developed businesses in several different cities and markets. We have the experience to help you develop your own NYS franchised business in your area. With our help, you will most likely enjoy a market position advantage in your area. You can offer industry-leading services.

What kind of support will I receive after I sign the contract?

You will have continuing access to our existing and ongoing experience in the areas of business development and administration, site selection, leasing, construction, purchasing, training, center operations, employee training and management, promotions, marketing, profitable services to offer, research/development.

How much can I earn as a NYS franchisee?

We recommend that prospective franchisees make their own independent investigation to determine if the National Youth Sports opportunity is something that can be profitably operated in their area. We do provide representative sales figures based on our experience at affiliated businesses, as shown in the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document). However, actual results vary for each center and we cannot estimate the results of a particular franchise.