At NYS, we recognize that there are other children, worldwide, who are not as fortunate and are unable to participate in organized youth sports. In fact, there are many children who don’t even have the luxury of knowing that youth sports leagues even exist. Therefore NYS built its first orphanage in India in 2002 which houses, educates, feeds and provides medical care for 40 children.

NYS has also helped build and support an orphanage and medical facility in Cambodia to serve hundreds of children who have been orphaned and infected with AIDS. NYS continues to support kids in Africa and India.

NYS is committed to helping children around the world and needs your support to continue caring for these children.

NYS helps train community leaders in rural villages of third world countries. These leaders are men and women from impoverished areas who serve in the local churches to help better the lives of the people in their villages. NYS has helped train them in providing youth programs, teaching programs and by providing sports and educational supplies.

NYS is now currently in the beginning stages of implementing a youth sports program in the war ravaged area of Northern Uganda and to serve the refugees kids who have fled Sudan due to the civil war there.

National Youth Sports believes our company has been blessed so we can be a blessing to others less fortunate. Please continue to help us in that endeavor. If you would like to partner with us and sponsor a kid in a sports program please click on the link below.